[Manga] Super Dragon Ball Heroes : Ankoku Makai Mission

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[Manga] Super Dragon Ball Heroes : Ankoku Makai Mission

Messagepar Oolong gros cochon » sam. 3 déc. 2016 23:17

A la sortie de ce manga tiré du dernier jeu d'arcade et de cartes en date, vous aviez publié sur votre site les scans sans traduction du premier chapitre tiré de la revue bimestrielle Saikyo Jump.

https://dragonballsuper-france.fr/super ... hapitre-1/

Hier est sorti le troisième chapitre de ce manga dans le Saikyo Jump du mois de janvier 2017 mais vous n'avez jamais publié le deuxième. Peut-on espérer de votre part un suivi plus régulier de ce manga dans vos news, comme c'est le cas pour le manga Dragon Ball Super de Toyotarô ?

Merci pour votre réponse.

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[Manga] Super Dragon Ball Heroes : Ankoku Makai Mission

Messagepar tomatotti » dim. 4 déc. 2016 00:52

Bonjour, si on n'a pas mis en ligne la suite, c'est tout simplement car on ne la trouve pas. ;)

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[Manga] Super Dragon Ball Heroes : Ankoku Makai Mission

Messagepar Oolong gros cochon » dim. 4 déc. 2016 09:41

Ah d'accord. En fait, je ne sais pas si le Saikyo Jump se vend mal ou pas mais ça a l'air très dur de trouver les scans de ce manga. Pour le chapitre 2, j'avais juste vu les premières planches sur le site kanzenshuu je crois de même que quelques autres dessins, et pour le trois je n'ai vu pour le moment que ces deux images sur le forum du site francophone dz-z.com :

Spoiler: Afficher

Spoiler: Afficher

J'espère que vous réussirez à trouver les chapitres manquants et à les ajouter en news.

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[Manga] Super Dragon Ball Heroes : Ankoku Makai Mission

Messagepar Oolong gros cochon » jeu. 5 janv. 2017 23:09

La traduction anglaise du premier chapitre a été postée sur le forum du site américain Kanzenshu :

Trunks: I'm here to kill you...

Trunks: I used a time machine to arrive here from the future, around 20 years from now.

Trunks: I've got to make this era peaceful as well.


Trunks: This is...

Time Kaioushin: Hey, you!

Time Kaioushin: You


Time Kaioushin: IDIOT!!

Time Kaioushin: How dare you tamper with time like this!! Even I, the "Time Kaioushin"-sama, worried about what to do with these unexpected turn of events!

Trunks: I...

Time Kaioushin: Stop! You can't talk your way out of this!

Time Kaioushin: Afterall, I have proof.


Time Kaioushin: I've never seen this place in all of history! What's up with creating this thing!?

Time Kaioushin: Resign yourself! What's your goal!?

Trunks: What are you talking about!? I don't know this place!

Time Kaioushin: Huh? It's really not your doing?

Trunks: Yes...

Time Kaioushin: You're kidding, right!? Don't tell me there are others disturbing the space-time!?

Trunks: What a noisy person...

Trunks: I'm sorry... Where is this place?

Tokitoki: To~ ki~


Time Kaioushin: This is the "Nest of Time", a place to watch over the flow of space-time (it's possible Xenoverse already gave a name to this place). Me/I, the "Time Kaioushin", and the bird that sets time into motion, "Tokitoki", are protecting time's order.

Time Kaioushin: I called you here because I found out you were travelling through time in a time machine!

Trunks: You mean there was a problem with me going to the past and future?

Time Kaioushin: Of course! Time travelling is something in which a little mistake can destroy everything. Even for me, the supervisor of time!


Trunks: That's... I'm sorry even if I didn't know that.

Time Kaioushin: It seems you finally understood the seriousness of this!

Time Kaioushin: Anyway, if this place isn't your doing, it's urgent to find the cause!

Trunks: About that

Trunks: Could you take me there as well!?

Time Kaioushin: Huh!?

Trunks: If having used a time machine becomes a problem, I don't think it's something I can just apologise for, so can I help investigate that cause?

Time Kaioushin: Hmm... Well

Time Kaioushin: I don't think he's lying nor does it seem he did it out of spite but it's true I, being the supervisor, can't let him leave like this...


Time Kaioushin: Ok! Under my supervision, I'll allow you to interfere with the space-time!

Time Kaioushin: I'll call it "Time Patrol"!! Sounds good, right?

Trunks: I'm sorry... Maybe we should hurry?

Time Kaioushin: Way to ruin the mood...


Trunks: This is...

Time Kaioushin: The place that didn't exist in history!

Trunks: A history that doesn't exist...

Time Kaioushin: Shh!

Time Kaioushin: There's someone here.

Towa: Wonderful.

Towa: I can feel it just by being near it... this is the power of "Kiri", the energy of the soul. A little more and we'll have gathered the needed Kiri. We'll be completely free.


Towa: Go, Mira. If you fight warriors with strong battle powers in the history beyond the space-time's distortion, we can get our hands on large amounts of Kiri again.

Mira: Leave it to me, Towa-sama.

Time Kaioushin: Cause found!!

Time Kaioushin: Wait right there!! Jajan!! We're the Time Patrol and we came to get you, people who have been disturbing time!

Time Kaioushin: Hey, Trunks! Strike a pose too! I'm looking like a weirdo here!

Trunks: Please focus on them, Kaioushin-sama!


Towa: Oh... The Kaioushin that rules over time... is it?

Mira: Don't get in Towa-sama's way!

Time Kaioushin: Wha!?

Time Kaioushin: So suddenly...!?


Towa: You two team together to defeat him/them.

Mira: Yes, at once.


Mira: My body... doesn't move.

Time Kaioushin: It's called "Freeze", the power to stop time. It stopped your bodies' time.

Time Kaioushin: You got caught.


Time Kaioushin: Hey Trunks, are you alright!?

Trunks: Do not worry.

Trunks: Having said that... this guy is really strong.

Trunks: I'll get serious!


Time Kaioushin: He's not doing bad...


Mira: I'm having such a disgraceful behavior in front of Towa-sama, the one who created me...

Time Kaioushin: Such power... Freeze will break!!

Trunks: So fast! In just an instant...!!


Burdock: I'm feeling like having finally awakened.

Towa: Ku... The mind control has been undone.

Time Kaioushin: Mind control!?


Burdock: It seems I gave you trouble. Somehow, I was being manipulated.

Trunks: A... No...!

Trunks: A tail... Saiyajin? His face and voice looks like Goku-san's too...

Burdock: Hey, don't just stand there. He's coming!


Mira: Ku... I'm deeply sorry, Towa-sama. This unsightly fight...


Towa: It was a good fight, Mira. We gathered enough Kiri from this battle.

Towa: Let's retreat for now.

Time Kaioushin: I won't let you escape! *Freeze!*

Towa: Fufu. I've had enough of not being able to move.


Time Kaioushin: Wait!

Towa: No need to hurry, the time will come when everything will be understood.

Towa: When the "Dark Demon Realm" gets set free.

Towa: You know what this means, right? Being the Time Kaioushin-sama...


Time Kaioushin: There's nothing left that tells us anything about them. But we now know the cause of why time was being disturbed. Let's go back to the Nest of Time.

Burdock: Sorry for not being of any help, I don't remember anything about the time I was being mind controlled.

Trunks: No... Leaving that aside, I've been thinking ever since I saw your face. Son Goku... I mean, Kakarro...

Time Kaioushin: What are you doing! Hurry up and let's go back!

Time Kaioushin: Bye~! I'll overlook you being involved in this case. Please forget about us!

Trunks: I still have questions for that person

Time Kaioushin: Don't interfere with history needlessly!


Time Kaioushin: *whining*!! What the hell is going on!!?

Time Kaioushin: I can't leave that place like that but should I get that Towa person first? I'm also concerned about the Dark Demon Realm. Why does all this stuff have to happen at the same time!?

Trunks: Kaioushin-sama, what is the Dark Demon Realm?

Time Kaioushin: Hmm, it'd take a long time to tell you but if I put it simple


Time Kaioushin: It's the world created by an army of wizards with evil hearts in a space where they were imprisoned.

Time Kaioushin: I've heard there is someone that broke out of the Dark Demon Realm but I'd never thought it came to a point where they could move this actively...

Demigra: Evil... what a reprehensible way to put it.

Time Kaioushin: Demigra!?


Time Kaioushin: Why are you here...!?

Trunks: Kaioushin-sama, who is that man!?

Time Kaioushin: One of the wizards... he was supposed to have been driven away to a place that was closed off from space-time.

Time Kaioushin: How did he enter the Nest of Time?

Time Kaioushin: Answer me, Demigra! I've heard from your allies about freeing the Dark Demon Realm, what does that mean!?

Demigra: Allies...? Don't get the wrong idea. Being under the one leading the army is a thing of the distant past.

Demigra: I have no interest in a shadow world like the Dark Demon Realm. By having this magical power I've been storing throughout the ages


Demigra: I can rule everything in this world.

Demigra: For that purpose, I'll definitely get


Demigra: That bird as well as the position of Time Kaioushin!

Demigra: I'm looking forward to it...

Trunks: Wait!!

Time Kaioushin: To think there would be factions between them in these years of imprisonment. This has become a more serious and troublesome matter than I had thought.


Trunks: Quick, let's follow him!

Time Kaioushin: No, this is too much for you. You've done enough, I'll send you to your original world.

Trunks: Wha...!

Time Kaioushin/Trunks (?): It's true their ki wasn't of an ordinary strength.

Trunks: In that case, until they make a move again

Trunks: I'll become stronger!

Trunks: I can't let this go by!

Time Kaioushin: Trunks...

Time Kaioushin: This is definitely hard for me alone...


Time Kaioushin: Again, I'll use your help!

Time Kaioushin: And, for a limited period of time, in order to train you to become even stronger, I'll summon the strongest warrior in your memories!

Trunks: Goku-san!?

Goku: What? Oh, If it isn't Trunks?

*The strongest warrior Son Goku: Xeno appears!!*

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